Projects with group members as primary investigators:

  1. NCBiR (LIDER X) 0219/L-10/2018 - The new generation of hybrid composite bars for concrete and soil reinforcement (PI: PhD. DSc. Eng. Grzegorz LESIUK)
  2. NCN (PRELUDIUM) - (PI: MSc. Eng. Monika DUDA) - Analysis of the fatigue crack closure effect under complex stress state in relation to energy approach - UMO-2018/31/N/ST8/03590 
  3. NCN (MINIATURA) - (PI: PhD. Eng. Grzegorz LESIUK),  - NCN-MINIATURA2  “Fatigue crack closure effect under multiaxial stress state” - NCN2018/02/X/ST8/02041
  4. NCN (PRELUDIUM) - (Pl: Szymon DUDA, M.Sc.) - Fatigue behavior and life assessment of CFRP structures under global non-proportional multiaxial loading conditions - 2021/41/N/ST8/03365 - CHECK IT!
  5. NAWA – PPN/BUA/2019/1/00086 (2020-2022) Interfacial strength examination of new hybrid composite materials using fracture mechanics approach_: Polska - Politechnika Wrocławska (Head -_ PhD_._ DSc_._ Eng_._ Assoc. Prof. Grzegorz Lesiuk and MSc. Eng. Monika DUDA, MSc Eng. Michał Smolnicki), Ukraina – Physico-Mechanical Karpenko Institute_,_ Lviv_,  (prof._ Olha Zvirko and team_)_

Projects with group members as co-investigators:

  1. NCN – OPUS LAP - 2020/39/I/ST5/03493 (2022-2025) Research on the influence of self-healing, organic-inorganic sol-gel layers on the corrosion resistance and fatigue of steel in the VHCF range, PI: Dr Justyna Krzak
  2. Fatigue strengthening and assessment of railway metallic bridges using fiber-reinforced polymers (FiberBridge) - 02/SAICT/2017 / PT2020, 3 years (2018-2021) - leader: University of Porto (PhD. DSc. Eng. Grzegorz LESIUK)
  3. NCBiR: MAZOWSZE/0141/19 - Opracowanie inteligentnej konstrukcji ciśnieniowego zbiornika kompozytowego z uchylną dennicą. [INNOTANK] (PhD. DSc. Eng. Grzegorz LESIUK, MSc Eng. Michał Smolnicki)